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We hope all the doggie daddy’s out there enjoy this.  Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Dad –

Father’s Day seems like the perfect time to pay tribute to my favorite guy – you!

A lot of dogs would certainly envy me because I have such a great dad. You always make a point of doing the things I love – running, playing, eating – oh and hanging out watching TV!   How lucky am I to have a dad who is as excited to see and spend time with me as I am with him?

I think of all the times I couldn’t wait for you to get home from work so that we could take our walk.  I wanted you to truly know how important these times with you mean to me.  I also think of the nights when I walked you – sensing you were distressed about something and that I could return the favor – being your trusted friend who you could confide in during times of trouble.

I know people think that we dog’s love unconditionally, but did you ever imagine we feel the same way about you?  I remember all the times you were so kind to me; patient when I acted up and took care of me when I was sick. These are the moments I value and remember because they are when I felt your love the most – you had my back and would always take great care of me.  You became my home.

Father’s Day may come only once a year, but I get to celebrate you every day – you are my hero, my best friend, and my forever, Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!

Love and woof,


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