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As more and more people grow conscious of their own nutritional choices, devoted pet parents are also keenly aware of what they are feeding their dogs and how that food translates into the holistic wellbeing of their four-legged family members.  However, what we feed our pets is only part of the story – real health benefits come from nutrients being bioavailable.

So what is bioavailability?  In short, bioavailability is what a body absorbs (nutrients/minerals) from the foods and supplements it receives.  Unfortunately, ingesting a diet rich in minerals does not mean they are being absorbed; in fact, most minerals in their natural state are eliminated by the body as waste. Thankfully, science has found a way to capture those essential minerals and make them bioavailable – the process is called chelation.

The Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology defines “a chelate compound is a chemical compound in which a metal ion is combined with a substance that contains two or more electron donor groups so that the resulting structure contains one or more rings.” In other words, a metal ion unites with amino acids to form a ring. This ring serves to shield what is inside (vital minerals).

The word chelation (key-lah-shun) originates from the word ‘claw.’ Envision a lobster claw and how whatever is inside that claw is protected – its contents cannot get out, nor can contaminants get in. Therefore, chelated minerals in this state can pass through the intestinal wall allowing the body to absorb these essential nutrients, thus making them bioavailable.

The importance of absorbed minerals in your pet’s diet cannot be overstated.  They are the line of defense against free radicals and the components which build healthy bones and muscles. They help support your pet’s immune system as well as metabolic systems such as the endocrine, nervous, and digestive systems. I formulated D.O.G. recipes with chelated minerals to ensure these nutritional benefits will aid in the life and longevity of your dog.  It is my hope this article on bioavailability and chelation has given you additional insight into understanding your dog’s dietary health. Bioavailability and chelation – a dynamic duo, indeed!


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