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In March of 2019, we first brought you this article about beet pulp.  Since that time, there has been new scientific research on the subject. We wanted to make you aware of these new findings and how D.O.G.’s use of this root vegetable helps improve the overall health of dogs.

Beet pulp is the dried fibers left from the extraction of its sugars for human use as a sweetener. Most animal nutrition researchers consider beet pulp an excellent moderately fermentable fiber source that has prebiotic properties. 

Its fibers are unique. They contain both soluble and insoluble fibers in a special ratio that has been shown to positively aid in the healthy digestion of food for pets, as proven by Dr. George Fahey’s laboratory at the University of Illinois.

Furthermore, these insoluble fibers provide health benefits for your pet. They help regulate the flow of digestion through the digestive tract to aid in maximizing nutrient absorption and yield good quality firm stools. It has been proven that beet pulp (being part of a good prebiotic system) is a valuable ingredient that helps contribute to a healthy immune system by providing a healthy gut and essential nutrients that pets need.

It is important to note that beet pulp fibers have some distinct short chain-sugars such as Inulin and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which supply energy to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines and colon.

There was a peer-reviewed research study conducted and published in the Journal of Animal Science in November of 2019.  It was entitled, “Organic matter disappearance and production of short- and branched-chain fatty acids from selected fiber sources used in pet foods by a canine in vitro fermentation model.” (  The researchers concluded: “Beet pulp generated the highest concentrations of the individual and overall total [short-chain fatty acids] SCFA, thus from the tested fiber sources, it would be the best alternative for diets targeting gut health.”

As for D.O.G. pet products, we utilize the root portion of the beet plant from which the sugar has been removed, and the root itself dried.  Therefore, your animal receives the nutritional benefits of this root vegetable without the sucrose.

With these facts in mind, Do Only Good’s inclusion of beet pulp in its recipes adds real, scientifically proven nutrition that benefits the health of your dog. We at D.O.G. are committed to offering you the best in nature formulated with the best of science. ™


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